Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hypertension and Caffiene

Being a Coke-a-holic and always trying to break the habit, I've found that my blood pressure goes down off the stuff.

I have posited that I'm chasing sugar when I'm off it, but other sugared drinks don't feed the need.

I have posited that I'm chasing caffiene when I'm off it, but other sodas with even more caffiene don't feed the need. Tea which has far more caffiene does not feed the need.

Could Coke still be putting cocaine in their products? That would up the blood pressure and the kick wouldn't be able to come from anywhere else. Kidding. Only kidding.

It's like the Mike Meyers skit, "It's the secret ingredients in the chicken that make you want it and want it and want it. That Colonel with his wee beady eyes!"

That's how I feel with Coke. (Not Pepsi. Not Dr. Pepper. Nothing else feeds the need.)
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