Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Science and Religion

The Dalai Lama and scientists got together again out West. Interesting findings always come out of these exchanges.

Psychiatrists firmly said that meditation cannot change brain chemistry of depressed people into non-depressed people.

Dalai wants to know if empathy for family and enemies activates same part of the brain. Interesting question.

My only beef with all this, doctors who would never parry with a Christian philosopher will pontificate with a Buddhist monk. Eastern religions has more cache.

Finally, the Dalai is heading to the East coast for another symposia and Chinese doctors (communists who may be "encouraged" to take this action by their government--the same government who has wiped out Tibeten culture) are boycotting the Dalai's speech. I wonder how many of these Chinese doctors are American citizens? Be interesting to investigate, wouldn't it?
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