Monday, November 07, 2005

France is Burning

Update: Read more from Mark Steyn.

Depending upon your American news source, varied voices opine about the trouble France faces with a very angry "youth". There is no mention of Muslim youth. American writers frame the torching of French cities by African and Arab youths as they would frame rioting in America--disenfranchised minorities who lack access to the success of lighter skinned people finally revolt. It is to be expected. I mean really, how long did the ignorant "MAN" think the peeps could be suppressed?

But this not what is happening in France and now spreading to their Western European neighbors. Yes, the unemployment rate is staggeringly high for these minorities (up to 35% among those 15 to 25 male and Muslim). Yes, the immigrants are marginilized geographically, literally on the outskirts of cities.

To learn more about what IS happening in France read more here. We Americans cannot afford to be ignorant or arrogant. Trouble spreads when ignorance reigns.

Hat tip: The Anchoress via Michelle Malkin
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