Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gimme Some Smashmouth Football

Sunday afternoon's breezes blow through trees whose leaves are leaving as I sit at my computer reading apocolyptic rhetoric from Peggy Noonan. Oh Peggy, where do I start? Mr. Dr. asked,"Do you think she is pre-Alzheimers?" No, but she did sound like old Aunt Chicken Little, "The kids these days. GRUMPH.... The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Ms. Noonan may be right, of course. Those acorns dropping on my head could be the beginning of something ominous. In fact, I don't have to look far to find evidence of all things and especially people who are nefarious, mendacious and pusilanimous. This among other reasons is why we don't have TV in our household.

Oh, we own televisions, we just don't buy Satellite TV or TiVO or Cable or any other channel delivery system for Ms. Noonan's very reason--things are bad. Do we need to hear it and see it and ruminate on it and pontificate about it over and over and over? NO!

TV, though, does possess a tonic for the bad news buggies: Football.

Football resolves things in ways politics never gets resolved. Two teams plan and practice ways to smash their opponent into oblivion. Strategy and surprise create tension and excitement. At the end of it all, one side wins. The other loses.

It is bad form for the losers to blame the other team, the refs, the fans, the red states or blue states. No, the players pull themselves together, get back in practice and have a go of it again next week. When will Washington losers get this message? Political losers spend more time crying foul than they spend on game plans and it shows.

Athletes, especially in basketball, get reputations if they "fall" too much feigning injury: floppers. The big cry babies annoy almost everyone and receive justifiable scorn. For all the money they make and all the elite training they receive we expect more than a soupy puddle under stress.

Since I have little hope that Washington insiders will ever get over themselves and since I depend on them gleefully pointing out infractions rather than actually playing the game they were elected to play (governence), my satisfaction will have to come from a more concrete and infinitely more enjoyable endeavor: football.

If only I had TV channels that worked.
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