Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Believe in Magic

Do you believe in magic? I didn't, really, either, but it grew on me (not like a fungus, stop being so cynical!).

My friends love everything Disney like most people love their children or prized pets and it all seemed a tad excessive to me. I reserved judgement, though--I am the girl who has a 6' tall card board Legolas in my closet, afterall. What is the big deal about a Mouse-Eared Theme Park? I learned. Anyway, you can see my friends dedication at their website Laughing Place.

There is something magical about people being kind when you're dealing with three "energetic" children. There is something magical about the attention to perfectionistic detail. There is something magical about someone being prohibited from saying "I don't know" and then finding an answer for you. There is something magical about fireworks on a good day, but then team them up with lasers and music on a 30 acre surround-sound system and imagine a world at peace. That first night at Epcot, I felt magic through my tears, but I still didn't get it.

Meandering past people from all cultures getting along was definitely magical. Seeing the delight and anticipation in my son and daughter's faces as Cinderella and Jasmine hugged them was more than magical. Seeing my husband's face light up seeing Jasmine and wishing he could be hugged too was closer to hysterical than magical, but did prove entertaining. But, I still didn't get it.

And then, on day two, we had breakfast with Pooh. My kids marched along with Pooh and Piglet and Eeyore and Tigger in a clamorous indoor parade utterly unselfconscious and totally believing. They knew that "real people are in there mama", but for a moment they chose to forget and lose themselves in a world that was sweet and loving and friendly and forgiving.

I got it. A few days into Disney, my concern about Iraq and Avian Flu and Wilma waned. For ten days I got to lose myself in a world that was sweet and loving and friendly and forgiving. It is a longing that everyone, every single person in the whole wide civlized world has--that some day there will be peace on earth and perfection and answers to questions and kindness.

Now, I too believe in Magic. If only real life were as easy as Wishing Upon A Star. In the meantime, I have Disney and I can't wait to go back.
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