Friday, October 07, 2005

Health Needed For Wealth

You may have noticed fewer posts of recent. Well, kidney infections tend to sideline even the most stout-hearted. And this blogger was sidelined or rather, clothes-lined linebacker-style in bed.

During this painful time, I managed to read a few articles regarding "work-life balance" and "the networked family". The bottom line? Yes, you're overworked, but with proper technology and if corporations get out of a "industrialized" mind-set it will be okay.

What a bunch of hooey.

With everyone working, no one sees the kids (but we text message all the time.) With everyone working, good food is out of the question so fast food is de rigeur (who has the time to cook?). With everyone working, we march through life like good soldiers (who has time to worship, enjoy peace and just think?).

All this work is to feed the beast, keep in mind. These are upper-income wager-earners who work for the BMW (too good for a Chevy), the McMansion (must live at the right address even if you only sleep there on the off times you're not out of town on business), and the right private schools and day care (appease the guilt of being away).

But I digress.

My real point in talking about this issue: without health all this goes down the drain. While on the phone with a potential client her to-do list poured out like a stricken lament. With all this to do, how do I fit time in to clarify my life and take care of my health?

My answer was simple: How can you afford not to?

Performance coaches, alternative health doctors, team builders and anything "preventative" often receive much derision by those who are "results oriented". Eating well, exercising, and the corporate equivalent of planning for the future, spending time creatively and for both the individual and corporation--resting, seem wasteful.

Here is my list of wasteful: painful surgeries and down-sizings, stupid marriages and mergers, and generally running around putting out fires instead of building individual and corporate health.

We need less Sun-Tzu and more Lao-tse.

Most health woes whether individual or corporate can be prevented. A tired, but useful example is a car: would you expect the engine to keep working if you never change the oil? No, but people and businesses do it all the time and with infinitely more to lose.

It is unsurprising that the number one way people end up in bankruptcy is health woes. How long would you survive financially a long-term health trauma?

I thought so. An ounce of know the drill. (hint: is worth a pound of cure)
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