Monday, November 07, 2005

Me Just A Widdle Weenie

Many close professional friends of mine could not disagree more with my world-view. Too polite to say that I'm nuts, the friends from (suprise!) New York and California simply discontinue interacting with me on more than a superficial level.

My writing is not oblique. After reading a person knows precisely where I stand. How gauche!

My forthrightness has its downsides. It started in my teen years, actually before that, too. Stating my opinions about the sanctimonious, hypocritical pastor at my church growing up got me in big trouble. A friend of mine, a boy, received a letter from me and his parents, evidently so alarmed at my impertinence, gave the letter (and others) to the pastor. The pastor, being sanctimonious and hypocritical, decided to use the letters in a sermon. He read them to the church (leaving out the names, of course--why go through that step when everyone knew who wrote it?) decrying teen rebellion.

Writing got me in trouble. I determined then and there to never put in a letter content I didn't care for the whole world to read.

A blog is one better. Anyone can read it. It's not secret. My name is on it. There is no hiding (unlike the NYTimes Editorial page).

Writing this blog really is an act of courage for me, believe it or not. Freely putting my views out there, especially ones that earn me the status of "silly simpleton" by more sophisticated friends, means enduring possible scorn.

I need to get over it. My goal is to balance two competing character flaws: 1) I care way to much what people think 2) I can believe what I believe and share it in a nice way or (horrors!) not at all.

Finally, a note about changing my opinion. That happens more frequently than some would guess. Even some of my past posts don't represent my current position. I'm leaving them up there as a testement that ignorance can be left behind.
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