Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Prince Charles Can Move to Syria

Not that this dull-witted Royal deserves any ink (thankfully, I'm not wasting any), but he can keep his opinions "Islam is good" to himself. How President Bush doesn't punch his royal silliness in the head reveals far more restraint than the Left give the prez credit for. Samizdata agrees (about Charles being stupid). Thanks Instapundit.

And, by the way, so glad you're happily married to the horsey woman you should have married in the first place. Surely you have some self-awareness and realize that people view the whole thing as nasty. Let's see, I'm in love with a woman and too slow on the draw (shocking), marry a beautiful young (naive) woman who bears my children, cheat with my real love while my wife is still breast feeding, and hook up with her after my ex-wife is dead. Lovely. IT'S NOT A ROMANTIC STORY! Hollywood might love it, but the rest of us think you are a gutless nincompoop. BAH!
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