Tuesday, November 08, 2005

3000: Finding a Purpose

With my mom's computer not working, my readership has probably dropped by half. Oh well. 3000 visitors have come by my blog. Hope they like it.

Originally, my blog was going to center on all things business. I'd spent time reading Tom Peter's blog. Other blogs cover Tech, Law, Management, etc.

Business it turns out, is better covered by Scott Adams. He reveals more insight through his humor in his Dilbert cartoon than 1000 blogs covering stupidity in Business.

What do people struggle over? Compensation? Bad supervisors? Cut throat co-workers? Yes. Yes. And yes. The choices remain simple: look for another job, confront someone about the situation or suck it up.

Organizations struggle over motivation, retention, innovation, efficiency, excellence, focus, competitiveness, etc. These challenges are on-going. Little methods here and there, depending upon the current fad, help get them there.

I'm a doctor. I didn't invent the human body, just like Peter Drucker didn't invent business. While we can all use an outside perspective somehow, we should do our best to "know thyself".

I'm a helper. My role with individuals and corporations is to give them the tools they need to succeed, inspire them to use them and help them "harmonize"--get congruent with the mission. Often that means reminding them of what they already know and encouraging them to do what they know in their hearts to do.

While this role can be important, long after I'm gone, the client must do the hard work for him or herself.

This blog then, doesn't often focus on the obvious. I could talk about Six Sigma, Human Resource innovation (ha! is that a non-sequitor?), silos and boxes. Blah!

My real intent is to bring your attention to what I think is important. Broad issues that could have significant implications both personally and for business.

For example, if the EU gets its way and the UN ends up running the Internet, International Law not U.S. constitutional law will govern you. Have you thought about those ramifications for you or your business? How would you like to be held to the EU's slander laws? Labor laws? Do you even know what they are? Thought not.

Another example, have you considered the impact that a worldwide flu pandemic would have on your business? Does your company make chicken soup? Does your company ship chickens? Do you live on a farm? Do you live in a closed-in metropolis where quarantine is virtually impossible? Are you a doctor? Are you prepared to treat dying people who are extremely contagious? Big businesses, could you still operate with half your staff sick and perhaps 10% of your workforce dead and the other 90% preparing a family-members funeral?

Yet another example: are you familiar with Sam Alito's judicial philosophy? What would a strict constitutionalist say about "eminent domain" or "family leave"? Do you know? This will make a difference to you both personally and professionally.

How about ending the inheritence tax? Billionaire bridge buddies Warren Buffet and Bill Gates thinks that repealing it is immoral. I could not disagree more. For guys worth 40 billion giving away 50% to the government is no biggie, right? Even if Bill does what he wants and gives almost every penny to charity, his children will still be "set up". You see, I trust Bill to know what to do with his money. I don't trust the government. Right now Bill is funding all sorts of research that he and a bunch of smart people think is important. What would the government do? Build bridges in Alaska. Enough said.

What about forced vaccination? How do you feel about the government imposing vaccinations that are both untested and unproven to work? Do you like being a guinnea pig even if there is a pandemic? I don't. But a new bill before congress is debating just this thing. I worry about liberties being taken away so we "all feel better" when no scientific proof documents effectiveness. I'm reminded of this every time I get frisked at the airport.

So, these broad issues have huge personal implications. The machinations of business will continue. Like people, businesses need to create, nourish, maintain and protect themselves. Individuals will decide how to do it. Businesses will decide how to it.

But the environment changes every day like never before. So many monumental changes external to our personal or business life are occurring. These changes will affect how we live our lives even if they seem far away.

Through this blog, I'm trying to share these big problems. You want leadership lessons? Watch Chirac deal with the riots, watch Bush deal with natural disaster and war.

It may seem at times that I'm beating irrelavent, long dead horses. Sometimes I do. But often my desire is to give attention to issues that will change your life and your business life--whether you want your life changed or not.
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