Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita: My Last Request

UPDATE: I received some constructive feed back: "you had me at don't have another stupid telethon". So I reverted to journalistic wisdom "when in doubt, cut it out." Ahhhh, much better.

Before power goes out, please honor my last request. It is directed at.....celebrities. When the storm "ravages" the gulf coast, when the "human suffering" wrenches the faint-hearted and weak-kneed, when "disturbing images" disturb, please don't have another stupid telethon featuring overwrought, hand-wringing ernest beautiful people.

My one request to these people? Send money. Lots of it.

Put your money where your mug is and spare us the posturing. The American people possess unsurpassed loving generosity. They will give, probably more than they are even able. One friend gave all her excess cash to get a family into a house. She and her four children and her mom put-putted on I-45 hoping she made it.

So don't worry about the average Joe. He does his part. Celebrities: do yours.
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