Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita: Everything Closed

Well, what's done is done. Everything is closed--except Home Depot which closes at 9 pm.

Wal-Mart closes at 4:30. The rest of the stores are closed. I asked when they would re-open. They said Sunday "if all goes okay".

The vehicles are in the garage. Mr. Dr. blowing off the yard so it's not too backed up when the wind really whips up.

It is alternating between blast-furnace breezy and dead, stagnant heat. It is alternating between increasingly quiet and the sirens of police and fire trucks.

The whole stituation feels surreal. Mandatory evacuations for all people who live in mobile homes. Around here that's lots of people.

Weird random thoughts popping through my head: the bombing of London, the helplessness of being stuck on the freeway, being unable to communicate for days, maybe weeks, the misery of living in 100 degree heat without air conditioning. The fact that I'm probably not going to be flying out of Houston next Wednesday to go to Philadelphia for continuing ed.

Wondering: did we make the right decision staying? Can't even imagine being stuck in traffic, though. Driving for 17 hours when it should take two? Gimme a break.

Wondering: why do people get adjusted as a huge natural disaster looms? I heard of patients who come get adjusted and then commit suicide. Part of the routine? Comfort at the end? Says a lot about how much our patients love Mr. Dr., though. Hopefully, they make the office the first stop after they clean up! Nerve-wracking being self-employed at times such as these.

Ok, post more later.
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