Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita: More Updates

Well, Mr. Dr. said that all the patients he saw today said that they would be leaving "in the middle of the night", "If I had a dime...." was his direct quote. Um, newsflash not-yet-weary travellers, no one is going anywhere. It took 3 hours to travel 30 miles to get to Conroe today. 2 1/2 hours from the airport to the Woodlands (normally takes 25 minutes).

There's no gettin' out. If it sounds like a good premise for a horror flick, I thought of that too.

People still actin' crazy. Next door neighbor has no water. NONE. She seems a tad checked out about the whole thing. Her house is pristine, though.

Two neighbors I talked to today were thinking what I'm thinking looking at our walls of windows: uh oh. Hope the trees don't fall through them. Hope the wind isn't too bad. Hope God turns the storm around and it wipes out Fidel Castro and his henchmen--no one else, just them. Well, maybe they weren't thinking that.

Kids out of school for Thursday and Friday. "Just in case of weather" was the official explanation to the kids. Like all kids they took it in stride. No big whup--yippee! No school!

Meanwhile, I gaze at their naive innocence and pray that there is enough food, water, everything for them. Don't even want to contemplate a hungry or thirsty child.

Car accidents every five minutes. People are panicky. It would seem excessive--yet a Category 5 hurricane named Rita is strengthening as this is written. So getting food and supplies and stuff isn't excessive, it's sensible.

We need more water. We need duct tape. We need plastic sheeting. We need D batteries. But other than that, we're Jim-Dandy fine.
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