Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rita Wiping Stores Out

Ok guys, I've been shopping to Kroger and Target today and the shelves are nearly empty of anything survival related. Mr. Dr. and I witnessed some tension in the water isle at Target and a emergency personnel friend of ours who is helping Wal-Mart shelve water said a full-on fist-fight broke out over water.

Dude, it is OFF THE HOOK here.

I spoke to one lady who is housing all her relatives from NOLA and now she was trying to stock up for Rita--only there was nothing much left.

All stores report shipments tomorrow, but people are freaking out today. Water is being rationed at stores. A state trooper was walking into Kroger as I walked out at 9:30 pm.

Mostly men shopping tonight. Everyone walking with purpose. Genial and contained but serious.

So much shopping, in fact, that Kroger had run out of grocery bags, were using food packing boxes (banana boxes) and I got the last three they had in the store tonight. Felt bad for the people going IN to the store as I was leaving.

I live 45 miles in-land from Galveston. A little too close for everyone's comfort. No more generators in town. No more water right now.

Like I said, OFF THE HOOK!

Our office manager and her family are bailing and going to Dallas. We are waiting for better info tomorrow.

My concern is that our house is surrounded by monstorously huge trees because the former owner loves the "natural look". Our house might be naturally impaled by the branch-snapping winds. Oy.

Is there anywhere along the coast that has Zero population? Could we please pray that Hurricane Rita gets ladylike and mosies over there? Thanks all.
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