Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beautiful Evening

Took in an amazing fuscia and golden pink sunset with the fam tonight at the local park. Neighborhood serene and orderly, as usual. Air balmy, tropical and sensual like a beach in Cancun.

Can you imagine enjoying this lovely weather without having instant communications and satellites and brave pilots who fly into these monsters to measure them? Is it any wonder 7,000 people died in Galveston back in the day? They probably had gorgeous weather and then BOOM!

And while we gazed at the ducks and lapping water and the sky.....

Overhead at least six helicopters flew by. All heck is breaking lose on I-45, I think (don't have the gas or desire to look for myself, though I am really curious).

Sirens and sirens and sirens. Almost continually. Wonder what crisis is occuring while I sleep in my comfy bed with my babies safe and secure.
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