Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita: Settled In

Well, Maria & family are here. They experienced bigger gusts than us they said. So everyone is relieved to be in a house.

For those of you without TV, go to Yahoo News and connect to KHOU Houston. The TV is online with no commercials.

Sky is gray but no problems. Eduardo is making some kind of mixed drink for all of us. We don't have tequila so no marguaritas, but we'll make due!

We'll watch the movies soon. Have the Hispanic station going on the TV. One of our neighbors has a brother and sister-in-law and 5 month old baby who was 2 pounds when she was born. The mom just got out of the hospital from her fifith surgery in as many months.

Just saw on the TV that Houston has never been without water during a storm, including Alicia the big Cat 3 Hurricane in 1960. The Woodlands is an extra-territorial district of Houston. That means we have no local government (it's amazing how well we do without one). We have 80 gallons in a pool in the garage. Both our tubs are full. Lots of full buckets. Lots of bottled water.

It looks like Rita is going to hit East of Houston. That means we worry about tornados and trees falling due to winds in the 50-90 mph range.
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