Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita: The Aftermath in The Woodlands

Mr. Dr. said to me yesterday, "This is going to be the biggest non-story."

I disagreed. Somebody was going to get hit. And for someone, this was going to be a very big story. But in one sense he was right: for us, so far, it has been a non-story.

While the rest of the household slept, the phone rang and my daughter answered and said, "No the hurricane didn't hit. We're ok and our friends are here. We're having fun." Pretty much sums it up for us.

At around 2 a.m., the wind pounded a bit and tree branches bounced off our windows which was a tad unnerving and woke me up. I woke Mr. Dr. up just in case a tornado brewed and we needed to get everyone to safety. We looked at the news and all looked ok.

Friends in Conroe have no power. Friends in Houston have no power. They have to wait 'til the wind dies down to fix it. So, these people are hot--although the temp outside I'd put in the high 80s not 100 like it has been. That's a blessing. Not sure they'll want their windows open if it's raining, though.

Another plus, all the schools in the area are filled with people who couldn't get anywhere. The plus is that we still have power so they are cool and dry and lit so no one is freaked out. I called one of the churches and the recorded message had a lady almost crying saying, "We are not a shelter. We are over capacity. I'm so sorry. Please find someplace else."

After we ascertain our friends safety, we might go and see what the people need close to us at McCullough.

That's it. Power, which means no looting, 'cuz the alarm systems are working. Power which means cool comfort. Power which means refrigerated food. Power which means clean water.

So far, we have power. Hallalujuah!
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