Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy News

Between the hurricane, Iraqi unrest over their constitution, the unbridled rage over our presence in Iraq by some, psycho serial killers, medications that kill and maim, oil prices topping $70, and the sad news of Brad and Jennifer, it seems that good news is hard to come by.

While musing on this, I searched Google news for good news. The results came up empty.

Our society seems consumed by studying pathology instead of studying what works. Happiness ceased to be hip some time ago. Contentedness confused with apathy.

Normal everyday joys and surprising joys too, get scant attention--watching your childs face beam with pride as she does "the pencil" off the diving board, hearing the baby laugh when tickled under the collar bone, sharing a nerdy joke, reading about animals coming back from extinction, hearing an inspiring sermon, talking on the phone to a long-distance friend, watching the full moon cross the sky and pour light through the windown onto your pillow, getting lost in the sound of the thunder and lightening and rain pounding on the roof, watching the trees blow, ducking so the radiant blue dragon-fly doesn't clip your head.

Every day is filled with magic and wonder that goes unnoticed and unvalued.

It seems to me that these moments don't support some side's agenda. They occur without posturing. They can't be forced. These moments come to you and you must be open to be aware of them.

I'm tired of Rush Limbaugh and Rosie O'Donnell. I'm tired of Al Sharpton (and Franken, too) and Pat Robertson. I'm tired of the shrieking on all sides. It seems that everyone is looking through their filter, seeing what they want to see, but that's not enough--everyone has to agree with them or else.

That's not to say the topics being argued aren't important--they are important. And somewhere in the mess there are right answers. But are they more important than the good news that we ignore?

My blog contributes to the cacophony, I suppose. I would love for you all to help me here. Saturdays will be from now on, dedicated to Good News alone. Email me your happy stories, funny jokes and inspirations.

We all need happy news.
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