Friday, August 26, 2005

Airplane Food

Over the past few years (since the advent of kids), my pre-airplane-travel regimen includes stopping by the local deli and bringing a very nice lunch for me and my travel partners on the plane. Airplane food gets a bad rap for good reason. Now, British Airways is having "hygiene problems" with their food.

It was bad enough that the food made you sick in a manner of speaking--now it actually does. Read more here.

I have a BRILLIANT idea free to all airlines. (Continental, American, Northwest, Delta, United, Southwest) Since lots of us book online and pick our seats even, why not include a $10 extra fee for lunch? Let us order a known brand deli sandwich (Boars Head comes to mind--go to the site the food looks goooood), the kind of Frito-Lay chips we want, a side of fresh fruit and have it automatically linked to some sort of caterer. Have it delivered that day at the gate in a lunch box. No extra or wasted food. No food for people who won't pay. Good food for those who want it.

Logistical nightmare no doubt, but this is America for heavens sake. I know this is possible!
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