Friday, August 26, 2005

Topics I'm Concerned About & Time Wasters

Here are topics I care about (in no particular order):
  • Iraq, their Constitution, Democracy & Islam (is it possible), Sharia law as a basis for Democracy, etc.
  • Embryonic Stem Cells
  • Hurricanes (will people start leaving Florida? Sheesh!)
  • EU--their currency, in-fighting and course for the future
  • Neuroeconomics--studying the brain to find out what we'll buy (I believe that huge strides in emotional research are coming down the pipe due to Functional MRIs and corporate giants heavily contributing to studies to understand more about motivation.)
  • Inflationary pressure and the housing market
  • Trade pressure and the stock market
  • Dollar value and the economy
  • Illegal immigration and effects on the economy
Things I'm bored with:
  • Judge Roberts--dudes a blank piece of paper. Ho hum. MSM can't seem to wrap the collective mind around a boring guy.
  • Lance Armstrong--doping or no doping or WHO CARES it was 1999 and the French have it in for him.
  • Cindy Sheehan--angry lady cloaking her politics in her son's death. Yuck. Done.
  • Celebrities and their silly, superficial opinions.
  • Hand-wringing over box-office receipts being off. Snooze! Get used to it guys. It's called HOME THEATER.
  • Oil prices. They get high enough we'll be biking to work and walking to the grocery store (we live close enough. Isn't that nice?) It's called supply and demand. People will buy gas-saving cars. Need will drive innovation. Everyone is happy.
  • The Housing Bubble. Oy vey. Yup people will get spanked 'cuz pigs get eaten. Own fault.
I'll add to the list later.

Update: Time Waster--Pat Robertson who falls into the celebrities category just the other direction.
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