Saturday, August 27, 2005

Feedback: Post About Sex

Well, I got feedback. Two incisive comments, really. A dude from Newfoundland suggested "if you really want people to come, you could talk about sex. it's always been a hot topic" and a dudette suggested that " instead of bitching about peace protests why don't you go downtown and enlist."

So, sex or enlist in the army. Hmmm..... Since enlisting in the army really isn't an option for me at the moment being old, feeble, and motherly (not that I didn't feel primal rage and wished I could march down and enlist after 9/11), I guess that leaves sex as a "hot topic".

Where to start?
  • How about mating rituals of monkeys, our nearest dearest ancestors? Read more here.
  • How about the number of children from married people (used to be sex had something to do with this--now with IVF and turkey basters, well). Learn more here.
  • How about how often Europeans who drive cars who have the most sex? Turns out that those old guys who drive the red Porche--they are compensating for something. Learn more here.
  • Does frequency of intercourse correspond with sex life satisfaction? Find the answer here.
  • What happens when you have unprotected sex? Not just babies. Find out about STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) like Herpes, Warts, Chlamidia, Syphyllis, HIV and lots more fun stuff here.
  • Insecure about your sex life? Fear that everyone is having sex more than you? Confirm your fears here and here.
  • Want to know why your wife has lost interest in sex? Find out here.
  • Want to know why your husband has lost interest in sex? Find out here. Or just take it from me: HE'S HAVING AN AFFAIR!!!
So that sums up my "sex" post. Let me know if you like it or not.
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