Saturday, August 27, 2005

Katrina Komin'

Most of the time urgent weather forecasts annoy. For example, Houston is hot. During the summer it is really, really hot. Every summer seems to surprise our intrepid weather reports. They screech by the time late August arrives and, surprise, it's still hot.

But even the boy who cried wolf eventually got eaten by the real thing. When I read about a 72 year old New Orleans lady say that she wasn't leaving because she couldn't afford a ticket and where would she go? I got shudders.

Eventually, a hurricane will blast New Orleans. Pinched between Lake Ponchatrain and the Gulf, she will drown under eight to twenty feet of water. The damage to houses in neighborhoods less than a mile from me that were under eight feet of water still are not the same after Tropical Storm Allison. They are never the same. The neighborhoods are destroyed and disgusting.

Katrina will hurt wherever it hits. People need to GET OUT NOW. Leave now before things get crazy tomorrow. And the complacent people of New Orleans need to realize that this time they just may get eaten.
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