Wednesday, August 17, 2005

BTK Killer "Shows Emotion"

CBS news reports that the dude in Kansas who killed people for fun "showed emotion" when talking about his kids and wife who have had no contact with him since his pet "projects" became public (he called his victims "projects" and kept them neatly catagorized at work).

Why are we so obsessed with what someone "shows" when caught as a murderer, rapist, etc? If he cried buckets and sobbed openly in court would it change the fact that he methodically murdered for no reason except it's fun? No it would not.

It stands to reason that a very good psychopath, a man who managed to lead this heinous life for year after year while also attending church each week, would know how to manipulate with emotions. He knows, for example, that it isn't socially acceptable to smile gleefully when he describes his crimes, but that doesn't mean he isn't smiling inside.

There is a scripture that says "men judge with their eyes, but God looks on the heart." We need to close our eyes when these guys bat theirs and remember each horrific moment each victim endured so that he could receive his sick pleasure.

Any emotion we see is irrelevant.
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