Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What Women Want

Playgirl surveyed 2000 readers and suprised themselves. Women don't want the average Hollywood hunk, they found. Women want the average Joe!

Only 4% of women in this survey wanted wealthy men. This is only a hunch, but I bet the survey was skewed by the women who actually read Playgirl. Not to sound condescending but YUCK!

Here is my unscientific poll of one. Men, you want to know what women want? Here it is:
  1. Confidence--sniveling babies need not apply
  2. Money--a guy who makes more money than she does, more money than her dad did and who works hard if he doesn't make tons of money. She needs CHOICES--if she wants kids and to take a career break, for example.
That's it. You can be chubby, covered with hair, bald, lack conversational skills, dress weird, obsess about golf, technology, power tools, hunting, fishing, Nascar, ESPN, your mother--whatever--and a woman will put up with you. She may even find you endearing and "quirky".

A woman's patience lags, however, when a guy's self-deprecating humor turns self-defeating, his extravegance turns into piles of debt, and his little quirks turn into craziness certifiable by the DSM IV.

Just like men are simple: Give them Food, Sex, A Job and Recreation and they're happy (except you guys who are NEVER happy--you know who you are).

Women are simple too.

It just isn't politically correct to say so.
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