Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Customer Service Lament

Boring, right? Everyone rants on customer service. In the tech industry, customer service is the "corporate salute" (no, not the middle finger, silly, pointing at the other guy), you know "it's not my fault, it's HIS!"

I've spent hours, yea verily, days talking to a doofus who eventually tells me that I need to call Microsoft, Dell, or my mother.

So, Dell brought some call centers back from India. That's nice. Now we can understand that the guy at the end of the line is saying, "I have no idea how to help you. Please hold." It was kind of muffled before.

In an industry where the product is hardly intuitive, customer service should shine. But it doesn't. A tool to make my life easier? On some days, it does.

The first company that creates a light weight, sturdy, simple, flexible and simple lap top while providing excellent service will be a sure winner. What we need is a Lexus of computers and there aren't any.
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