Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Can We Do for Katrina Victims?

Dr. Steve and I will be holding a fundraiser next Friday, September 9 all day at our offices. I'll provide a link and more information as we put it together. Basically for a donation (we're working on a suggested one), we will treat all new patients for free and donate the entire amount to The American Red Cross. We will be making our own donation as well.

Living in Houston, we have ample opportunities to serve the many, many people who have lost everything. The Astrodome will be full of traumatized people so we are working on gathering fellow N.E.T. practitioners to go to the Dome and help those with PTSD (post-traumatic Stress Disorder). I'll keep you updated about that, too.

Finally, in response to the request by Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, I'm posting this link to the American Red Cross. There is going to be huge fund-raising effort in the Blogosphere tomorrow, Thursday. According to our Houston mayor, they will be organizing food and supplies for the people in the Dome and other people needing emergency care. Right now the Mayor is worried beause they are planning for 25,000 at the Astrodome but hundres of people are already pooring in. I suspect that thousand more will need help. Long-term housing must be a first priority. The Dome is a stop-gap measure at best.

Here are some links to what is being done now.

Texas Baptist Men and Red Cross here.
Houston Jewish Federation here.
Astrodome Shelter here.

A NOTE: I am a bit alarmed by the many companies who so willingly gave to the Asian Tsunami effort and seem to think that the Destruction of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will "work out". Over a million people are homeless. The predicted epidemics in Asia never happened in large part because a Tsumai pulls salt-water out as fast it flows in. The sitting water in New Orleans and around the area though, will breed mosquitos which will result in cholera, dysentery, and other nastiness. Thousands of dead are floating in N.O. More rain will come. This will get worse before it gets better. I hope the companies will step up and help their fellow Americans--we know we won't be getting help from France anytime soon.
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