Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stem Cell Research: What's All the Fuss?

Do you understand what stem cells are? Does Nancy Reagan? Maybe. Does REPUBLICAN leader William Frist, MD? Yes, he most certainly does. He most certainly understands the difference between EMBRYONIC stem cells and the stem cells you can harvest from the fat or bone marrow of ADULT, CONSENTING PEOPLE. Must we create future people and then destroy, also known as murder, in the name of science? And the moronic parents who have fifteen embryos frozen in the bank: you're okay with a potential child being sliced and diced for unlikely cures?

If you are, not fine, but I don't have anything to say about it. (Ever heard "there ought to be a law"?) But whats really galling is using taxes to fund this crap. Use your own money Dr. Frankenstein or scrounge it up the old-fashioned way--Venture Capital. Ahhhh, but no one will give you money. Why? That's right because its MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE!

Btw, please don't bore me with pleas for Michael J. Fox's Parkinson-addled brain or your grandma with Alzheimers. These terrible diseases will be cured, I believe, in my lifetime, but not this way. See my previous post: Alzheimers: Beliefs Create Reality

Have we lost all moral sense here? Is there even a line with some people? Will someone, anyone, please tell me where the line is, if we don't adhere to a few basic moral absolutes. I know, they are so uncomfortable. Shhh! There are even some athiest ethicists (is this an oxymoron)who think embryonic stem cell search might be wrong. Link
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