Friday, July 29, 2005


Summer means heat. And this summer, especially, burns hotter than most. In Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, this season relates to the organ system called the Triple Warmer.

The Triple Warmer includes these organs: the endocrine system including the Thyroid, Adrenals, Prostate, Testicles, Ovaries, Uterus and Pituitary; the Heart; and the Small Intestine. If you think about it, these systems regulate the immune system and stress-modulation system which is really two parts of the same whole.

An unbalanced Triple-Warmer (too much or too little energy--Chi--flowing) person can be "dis-heartened" with chronic health problems oozing everywhere. Bouncing between hyperactivity and depletion, then finally just being chronically tired, this person is often anxious, indecisive, unstable, weirdly "over happy" (those people who make you feel uncomfortable just to be around because they seem kind of manic), sometimes paranoid and just "off".

Disorders in the above named organs means problems originating with the Fire Element. If you are taking medication for heart problems, thyroid problems or reproductive problems, you might want to consider this element.


Unresolved emotions attached to stressors cause problems in this element, too:

  • Anxiety
  • Lost
  • Vulnerable
  • Muddled instability
  • Blocking emotions totally (if this doesn't sound like an emotion, let me give you an example: when at a funeral, those often "broken hearted" by the loss, don't cry at all, some report not feeling anything they are so overwhelmed--this is non-thinking, non-emotive)

Secondary emotions can be:

  • Abandoned, deserted, absent minded, insecure and experiencing profound deep unrequited love
  • Abnormal (inappropriate) laughing, lack of emotion, rapid mannerisms and speech, talkative
  • Paranoia, muddled thinking, emotional instability, up and down, can't figure it out
  • Depleted, suppressed, sluggish memory and vivid dreaming


The art of Feng Shui (the art of placement) relates to how your environment can affect your health and everything else in your life. In your house, the fireplace, the oven and stove, the electricity and lightbulbs should all be functioning well. If your electrical system is overloaded, that will stress your health. Anything emiting EMFs (electromagnetic fields) falls in the fire element: TVs, computers, cordless phones, cellular phones, the microwave, etc.

In our modern electrical society, our bodies are overwhelmed with electricity. This stresses our body. Make sure everything electric in your house is in perfect working order. DO NOT have a TV or computer in your bedroom. In fact, current research has found that small digital clocks next to the bed emit enough EMFs to cause cellular change! Your bedroom and your children's bedrooms should be fortresses of peace and low energy. Some Feng Shui experts recommend that you remove mirrors as well as it multiplies light (a form of pure energy).

Remember, too, that just because appliances are off does not mean that electricity is not flowing through the circuit. It is. To completely remove the flow, the device must be UNPLUGGED. Pediatricians recommend this for TV's anyway, as the EMF's radiating out of a plugged in TV cause problems for the baby's developing system. This is another reason small children should not be watching TV before the age of three. Forget Baby Einstein. Remember the sand box.


Another manifestation of disturbance in the Fire Element can be reputation problems. Specifically managing your image or "fame". If you are a "hothead" you may have found your reputation tarnished. A seldom thought of problem can be no one knowing you exist at all! Perhaps you don't like "tooting your own horn". I've seen business people who HATE giving out their business card, don't like a promotional picture, fearful of public speaking or unwilling to advertise their product (often themselves). This is a problem. If you want to excel in your field, extend your influence and generally help the world, the world must know you and/or your product. Change the offending items so you can feel confident.

Certain Herbs and Nutritional Supplementation as well as Homeopathic remedies help support the Fire Element. If you always feel tired, have difficulty expressing yourself, feel overwhelmed and indecisive, please connect with an Applied Kinesiologist, Acupuncturist or Doctor certified in Neuroemotional Technique or click on the link.

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