Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Miserable Marriage Bad For Health

You might think that this may lead me to advocate bailing on a stress-filled marriage. No. Being single has its own health risks...for men. Women do okay, it seems.

Mature conflict resolution does not magically happen when you marry a new guy or girl. You're still in the relationship after all. The percentage of second marriages that fail is even higher.

So no, the solution is not divorce, it is to work on you--the only person you have control over. When I read this advice in the past it irritated the you-know-what out of me. But, it is true.

(NOTE: I am not talking about spouse abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, etc. All of you justifying putting up with that garbage "for the sake of the marriage because divorce is a sin" or "sake of the children" are delusional. The relationship is some kind of crutch. Get out, get safe and get mental help or you'll end up back in a similar situation.)
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