Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Katrina: News Coverage Exaggerated Reports

Well, I bought the Superdome Hype like everyone else and am embaressed to say so. I even reported some heresay, myself. It was third-hand and unverified [by me]. It is difficult to believe that a police officer would make stories up, but maybe he too didn't have all the facts.

To give myself a teensy-weensy bit of credit, the thought about when the people were going to come forward to press charges popped into my head--but not long enough to stop me and get me critically thinking.

Ugh. Being a mindless rube is so embaressing. Watching the reporters salivate and animate annoyed me, but I swallowed the message hook, line and sinker. A lesson learned. The MSM will do and say ANYTHING for ratings. Truth takes a back seat.
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