Monday, September 26, 2005

Lyndie England Convicted

Lyndie England meets justice Army-style today.

I have mixed emotions. When I think of torture, putting someone on a leash naked (while humiliating and degrading) doesn't come to mind. Tasers, getting beat about the head and neck, losing a finger or two, head held under water until you almost drown, etc. come to mind. Her actions don't seem to rise to the level of torture. In fact, to frame it that way minimizes the true torture that prisoners of war in wars past really endured. Hell it minimizes the torture kid-knapped workers and soldiers of this war endure at the hands of the psycho-Islamofascists. Lyndie's stupidity seems to be small taters in comparison.

The real damage done by Lyndie and the other grinning idiots? Energizing the enemy. By never considering that these images would get out and never considering how the pictures would "inflame the passions", the soldiers involved confirmed the "evil American" view. The whole thing was stupid and short-sighted.

These soldiers damaged their own sides efforts. They should know the images would shame Americans--'cuz we know better and do beter. They should know their actions would degrade the impression of the military and legitimize the cynicism the media and anti-war people already possess. In short, their actions were bad enough. Taking pictures of it? Beyond stupid.

And for that they all should be punished.
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