Monday, September 26, 2005

Rita: It's Not Over Today

I spoke too soon. Today, not many posts. Did you notice that? Well, greater Houstonians are currently enjoying record-breaking heat (I can hear my relatives in Michigan and New York laughing right now: BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!) in their non-air conditioned homes because of rolling black-outs.

Here's the deal: Yesterday wires were down everywhere. Today, they are getting put back together. Yesterday, people were still in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, etc. Today they have returned home and would like their electricity thank you very much. Yesterday the few lines carrying energy from Beaumont worked okay for those of us who still had power. Today, it's not enough.

The result? Rolling black-outs until everyone is up.

Entergy began rolling blackouts north of Houston because of heavy demand on its damaged system. [emphasis added--we are north of Houston]

KHOU calls it "misery". That is not a strong enough word for no A/C at 3:00 p.m. that lasts for hours.
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