Monday, August 15, 2005

The World Should Know

The bravest person crumbles when thinking about losing a child. It is so horrible, it doesn't make the list of worst fears--no one wants to think about it. Our own death is easier to contemplate.

So I understand Cindy Sheehan's ire. (The lady camping out outside President Bush's house in Crawford, Texas.) She lost her son in Iraq. Nothing can bring him back and she doesn't want one more mother to endure her consuming grief. I get it.

One day, though, I think she may be aware in a way she isn't right now, that far from being supported by the media, she is being exploited. She makes good news. Right now she could not care less. In fact, right now, she may prefer death herself, to living without her beloved child.

She wants her son's death to mean something. She wants her son remembered. She wants someone, anyone to PAY for her crushing loss.

The meaning will come from her, no one else. The memory will be with her every moment of every day, but the truth is, others will remember occasionally but the memories will fade.

She wants him back to hug and hold. No one can give her what she really wants. Not even the president. Link
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