Sunday, August 14, 2005


"To stop a man who wants to oppress you is not a case of you oppressing him."

If a woman is chased by a man who intends to do her harm and she shoots him and he dies did she commit a murder or "wrongful death"? She was not yet oppressed but should she have waited to be oppressed to act?

If a man breaks into your house but has not left with a stolen item is it okay to shoot him?

If a man encourages other men, trains them, gives them emotional support, to "oppress" a woman or steal from his neighbor, has he committed a crime? And how should he pay?

The most heinous aspect of these terrorist crimes? That our civil liberties, the freedom we hold dear and value above almost everything else, was and continues to be used against us. I'm not sure we can ever go back to where we were. Link
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