Thursday, August 11, 2005

WorldCom & The "Other" Liars

Well, for all those who lost big buckeroos in WorldCom stock, perhaps today you get a little satisfaction to know the so-called "Architect" of the scheme to cover up losses and lie to Wal-Street began hard time today. Or maybe satisfaction eludes you.

He said he was sorry he was so cowardly. He's ashamed. I always wonder (like you wonder with your kids): Is he sorry 'cuz he was caught or because he was wrong? Only he knows.

Why did he lie? Why does anyone lie? Better question: Why does EVERYONE lie?

Research reveals that everyone does but not all the time and not everywhere. People shade the truth situationally. Circumstances that wouldn't test one person will have another person spinning a yarn a mile long.

More interesting, people believe their own lies are much less harmful than other peoples. .Other people are meaner, craftier and have evil motives. While sweet little-old-me is as pure as the driven snow.

This bias extends to groups too. President Bush lied people died goes the slogan. Dan Rather lied and got caught (he says he was deceived himself). It has become fun to call people liars when it used to be such a slanderous epithat that the label was saved for horrendous scoundrels. The rhetoric runs very emotional these days.

Now, the American Psychological Association

has a VERY interesting breakdown of how to perceive lying when it's coming at you.

Since you never lie, and for only good reason when you do, it might help to know the methods of those other mendacious meanies. Link
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