Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Organs You Don't Need

In the not so distant past doctors removed certain organs with no thought of the side effects because they believed the organs were unnecessary(some viewed as vestigal organs). Here's a list:

Tonsils: They are the first outpost in the body's immune system defense.

Appendix: Hypothesized uses include immune system defense. It seems likely considering that it often must be removed due to localized infection. It didn't used to be believed that it could become inflamed and then heal, but that very thing happens.

Gall Bladder: They concentrate bile so you can digest fat. Don't buy the hype that fat is bad, bad, bad. The wrong kinds of fats can be harmful and hard on the gall bladder, true. But the right kind of fat help you in many ways. Represented as unnecessary and even beneficial to those who have problems, gall bladder removal is associated with other problems--the scariest being colon cancer. More are sure to turn up as the number of people having them removed continues to increase.

Uterus & Ovaries: The ovaries and uterus produce hormones (not just estrogen) that support sex drive, cognitive function, etc. as a woman ages. Removal of the ovaries has no clear benefit and increases the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Keep in mind, hysterectomies are the number two surgery in women.

Look at a list of the most common medical procedures here. Now, what if these procedures were "cut" in half or more since so many end up being unnecessary? Would you be okay with your mechanic replacing or removing your airconditioning system in your car "just in case"? Then why do we submit to a medical system (often a persuasive doctor who has a financial stake in this outcome, by the way) that routinely does exactly this?
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