Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Got Prostate Enlargement? Remove Your Testicles

Isn't that the standard of care of pre-cancerous prostate problems? Just lop those boys off, right? Oh, it isn't? Well, goodness me.

If a woman has a pre-cancerous uterine problem, guess what the "standard of care" is? Take it out, by Job, and while you're in there yank those ovaries, too. You don't need them. You've already had kids.

Nevermind that the ovaries produce hormones until death that protect the heart, support the thyroid, and give back up to the immune system. Not to mention they are the seat of female sexuality! Big deal, right? Women don't like to have sex anyway. (Maybe, just not with you. Ever thought of that?)

A guy would NEVER have his testicles removed. Men belly-ache about getting a teensy weensy procedure that results in a 1 cm long stitch and all parts still in tact called a vasectomy.

Maybe oophorectomy doesn't sound so bad, but the results are often a disaster for the woman. That the medical profession is so cavalier about this removal boggles the mind. And now research shows it's not such a great idea after all. What a surprise. Link
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