Sunday, July 31, 2005


This summer I've read these books:
  • Tipping Point (hoping this principle works for my Blog)
  • Blink (idea is other places but Gladwell has a snappy way of writing)
  • Never Eat Alone (interesting idea: how many "refridgerator friends" do you have? Meaning how many people can just come by and grab a cold one from your fridge? Or are you a hermit?)
  • Freakonomics (an economist who likes to be provocative...the way he manipulated some statistics to support a few ideas was off-putting but that's economics for ya!)
  • The 48 Laws of Power (good bathroom book)

Reading now:
  • Biology of Autism (science stuff...heavy duty biochem, brain drain, I can promise you)
  • Backlash--even when I agree with Faludi I feel like I'm being screeched at
  • In the Company of Women--there is a section titled "When A Colleague's Self-Esteem is Low", oh, for the love of pete. I bought this book at a used book store and it comes replete with this inscription: "To Melissa, Hope this has some helpful hints--working with women is not easy! We love you! Merry Christmas, Mom (written by mom) & Daddy." I had to buy the book. Why, it was written to my namesake! Can you imagine an inscription: "Hope this book helps--working with men can be a royal pain in the ass--their testosterone, their mood swings, their bitchi...scratch that....let's see what word can we use...hmmm...all the words for jerks of guys actually sound, kinda good and powerful. BUT I DIGRESS!
  • The Confident Child--more fodder for my continual inferiority complex when it comes to child rearing.

Magazines: Fast Company, Fortune (the latest cover is an Unfortunate jumble), Texas Monthly (love the angelic Lance Cover, article is good too), Architectural Digest, Home & Garden, Veranda, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, Readers Digest (I always feel depressed after reading this--so many scary articles), Smithsonian and my new favorite: Utne.

Must read the article called "Transhumanism: World's Most Dangerous Idea?" or some other interesting features at

The home and garden monthlies are my "junk food for the mind". The business monthlies and weeklies, I read for professional reasons. The rest of them either get sent to me because of the Doctor's office waiting room thing or I'm on a wacky mailing list. Who knows.

Believe it or not, I read most of these cover to cover. No wonder I'm the female version of Cliff Claven minutiae.

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