Monday, July 25, 2005

Kidney Stones: Natural Prevention

A loyal reader of this blog, you know who you are (all three of you), said that a friend suffered from kidney stones and requested that I write about some preventative steps for this painful affliction. Kidney stones are considered one of the most excruciating pains that exist in the body and demand immediate attention as everyone knows who has been unfortunate enough to experience one.

First, to debunk a myth: eating too much calcium (in supplement or food form) causes them. Not so. In fact, kidney stones are often a sign of insufficient calcium. This is why: the blood tightly regulates calcium because the heart needs a precise amount to keep working (ever heard of Calcium channel blockers?). Too much or not enough causes problems.

The problem, when people don't get enough calcium in their diet, is that the body breaks down bone (osteolysis) to liberate the calcium needed to regulate muscle function, including and especially the heart. This process works but is somewhat inefficient. The body breaks down too much and the kidneys are left with filtering it and getting it back into the bones or excreting the excess. Over time, this can cause stones.

Other substances can cause stones like magnesium, ammonium, uric acid, etc. One theory put forth is that some little bug (nanobacteria) causes them. Fine.

Now, what to do about this? There is an especially good diet that is easy to follow that has you avoid foods like peanuts, red meat, turkey, soda, and a few other foods you wouldn't think of. More importantly, the diet offers meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, but it is too extensive to list here. If you want the diet, email me with a fax number and we'll send it to you.

People given to stones should drink lots of water but usually drink soda. Coffee and wine actually help get rid of kidney stones so drink and enjoy.

In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys hold the life force energy and certain emotions relate to this organ system. If your stress state includes emotions like fear, dread, bad memories, impending doom, and contemplation, you may be stressing your kidneys. Secondary emotions, often affecting the bladder, include paralyzed will (can't do something you want to do), miffed, timid, inefficient, wishy-washy, comme-ci comme ca but most importantly suspician. I find suspician often involved with chronic bladder infections.

People with kidney problems might want to consider "going with the flow" and identifying what is "pissing them off". Some view kidney stones as hardened anger. Also, consider career problems or other fears about "where am I headed?"

Finally, go to the chiropractor and ask to have Thoracic vertebrae 1, 5 and 8 adjusted. Getting the energy flowing always helps! Link
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