Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Antibiotics CAUSE Resistence

Antibiotics cause and increase in the likelihood that you are carrying an antibiotic resistant bacteria. Check the link below for the study.

Milton Freedman said, "There is no free lunch." He was speaking in economic terms and meant that somebody was paying for your lunch. (Nice thing to remember about medicare, medicaid, and every other governmental function.)

When it comes to your health, there is no free lunch either. Antibiotics, while a life-saver in critical situations, causes problems when overused or used for frivolous reasons.

Long term, antibiotics used more than once a year are linked to breast cancer in women. And that is just one instance of scariness.

Remember, too, that every piece of meat you eat, egg you cook, and milk you drink is coming from an animal that has drowned in antibiotics before you ingested them. It is no wonder bugs are rampaging over antibiotics and ravaging bodies.

My kids pediatrician said that she has at least one case of antibiotic resistant, flesh-eating bacteria per week! I was absolutely stunned. She said that the bad part was, that parents like me who use antibiotics as an absolutely last resort with their children, still had to worry about it with their kids because the bugs are so strong and so easily passed around.

So, stop popping antibiotics like they are candy. They have consequences short and long term for you and those you love and the strangers that you many never meet but whose life you will touch. Link
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