Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dude, I'm So Polluted!

Research conducted by Environmental Working Group on 10 samples of chord blood (blood taken from the umbilical chord of a baby just born) found an average of 287 contaminents including mercury, lead, and the now-known-to-be-harmful teflon to name just three.

If the science of medication is politicized and skewed, the science of environmental studies is positively crazed and confused. The implications of these contaminants in the blood is not known, but this is what the two sides will say:
Environmentalists (shrieking and near tears): "Even our newborn children are contaminated for Mother Earth's sake! Is nothing sacred?"
Chemical companies and business beneficiaries (reasonable and dismissive): "There is no proof that these chemicals are in any way harmful to the humans, even babies and we will investigate, obfuscate, and eliminate any research that shows a link between said chemicals and ill health." (No they won't say that.)

For all the years of cancer treatment, the number of cases of cancer has not slowed down, life expectancies have extended due to better treatments. Why? Why, in this generation, have the number of kids with autism increased by between 400 and 500%? There must be an environmental link.

Is it possible that pollutants, chemicals and genetically modified everything are mutating our genome or making our immune systems weaker?

It's possible. And it's possible that there are too many good reasons not to confirm this connection. Link
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