Monday, November 21, 2005

Upper News

Ok, I'll buck up VJ. Really, Dr. M is not moping through life right now. She is very busy and feeling generally irritated by the state of affairs. But that is looking at the glass half empty.

Actually, some things are perking up. Have you noticed that gas prices are on the descent? Do you know why? Econ 101 at work my furry little friends: supply and demand. Glen Reynolds posts some encouraging information about reduced use--that one barrel of oil today does the job that two did in the 50s. That's good news! People are finally buying hybrids, including Glen, because they finally have some power and style.

Al Quaeda is trying to return to Afganistan, but it's not working.

Mongolia is democratic and GW is encouraging and supporting them.

My children made pumpkin bread and will be taking it to the old folks home across the street and singing to the nice people there. Community service--now that's a good idea.

A border fence between the US and Mexico might become a reality. Then again, it might not. It has worked in Israel. Heck, it works with my neighbors. (No illegal feline immigration into the Dr. M motherland, thank you very much.)

Abortions have dropped recently (decline in child-bearing age women is my guess as the baby boomers seek ways to have kids now that their child-bearing years are almost up and they inadvertantly are sterile due to age, STDs, previous abortions, and too effective birth control, but I digress) but are still twice the number (still alarminly high) of the early '70s.

Thanksgiving is coming. I am profoundly grateful to live in a country that officially and annually thanks God.

So, there! While sounding like a crotchety old bag, "Bah, the good old days were gooder!" Now I can sing like an optimist, which truly represents my views more so on most days.

Have a great day!
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