Friday, September 02, 2005

In the Midst of Calamity There is Joy

Ecclesiastes is always a good book to read when facing sore trials or even little ones. There is a time to laugh and to cry. And most humans experience the broad range of emotions between them.

This weekend will be one of joy. One of our best friends is getting married. She is smart, beautiful, diligent, optimistic as almost newlyweds must be, and dedicated to God. We love her. We love her soon-to-be husband. We are grateful to know them.

We'll be driving to this shin-dig with a good friend. Road trips can be a delight or a singular kind of heck. Ha ha ha! We'll see.......

About Katrina:
Stories will emerge now of the bravery of our fellow man in New Orleans. May they erase the shame and mind-pictures of the base and grotesque we have felt and seen.
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