Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day 3 Post Wisdom Removed

Better today. Eating food again. Tired. Feeling a post-Darvocet cotton-mouthed grogginess. Yuck. Grossed out by the feel of my teeth near the extraction site but worried about disturbing the healing. I'm feeling a weird sense of relief that the offending molar is gone.

The Dentist, who looked creepily tan, dark-haired with foppish good looks like another friend of mine (aren't Oral Surgeons supposed to be old and distinguished--it's kinda like seeing the airline pilot coming out of his cabin and he's 25--you expect a certain maturity, deportment and not-to-mention that silky and reassuring voice, but I digress....), asked if I would like my other wisdom teeth pulled. He twitched in his seat, avoided eye-contact and fidgeted. I got the sense that this wasn't necessary but would help pay his overhead this month, if I could be so obliging.

I said, "Doc, I kinda go to the school of..."

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it right?" he finished my sentence.

"Yes, well. It's not that..."

"You don't like Dentists right? No one does (he seemed genuinely dismayed about this)." He finished my sentence again.

"It's not that I don't like Dentists," I clarified, "it's that I don't like their procedures. I have friends who are dentists. (He seemed surprised by this.) I don't like pain. I am a mom and can't afford to spend a couple weeks as a chipmunked invalid while they heal."

"Well, one is about the same as four," he said.

How can that be? I wondered. Surely four teeth out multiplies the discomfort by four.

"And," he added, "you can be sedated and relaxed and kinda put out during the procedure for that many." Well there's a plus. NOT.

Anyway, my X-rays looked great. Nary a cary to be seen. And the other wisdom teeth seemed fine. This funky tooth is a mystery to me. Why should this one tooth be more "difficult to clean"? My methods at the back of my mouth are similar bi-laterally. So I'm wondering, is there an energetic component I'm not aware of?

The wisdom teeth relate to the kidney meridian which manages the lifetime CHI. Uh oh, perhaps my life force just got cut by 25%. Or maybe by cutting the nasty problem out, my energy will rebound.

AHA! I like the second explanation. Expect even more creativity, insight and just plain verve from here on out.
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