Friday, August 19, 2005

Drugs at School

A back-to-school study confirms old news: there are drugs at school and lots of them and anyone who wants to can buy them.

When I went to school, I knew the druggies and so did the administration. The school was very strict. If you tried to go to the bathroom and happened to be caught without a pass--well, pal, you were in BIG trouble. You got detention for sure. But, if you were a "Stoner" and hung out across the street smoking (illegal) and dealing drugs (definitely illegal), nothing happened because we had "open lunch" (you could go off property to eat) and these guys and gals were across the street from the school not on the property.

If you walked through someone's yard on the way to McDonalds (open lunch), irritated homeowners would call the cops and you could get in trouble. But no one seemed to mind the potheads across the street. Why?

Well, the druggies don't possess highly evolved social skills and didn't like to be trifled with. Unlike the average kid who was easily intimidated by a detention-wielding Vice Principle with a penchant for persecution, the dealers and users didn't give a poop about detention and actually kinda liked being suspended--expulsion was even better!

Today, kids possess more sophistication. Dealers look more clean-cut, use beepers and probably run businesses that would make their Enron daddy's proud. And all the other "good" kids still know who they are, but the administration and law enforcement does not have the will to deal with it all. They didn't when I was a kid either.

Drug use and dealing could be eliminated but High Schools are like one big border with Mexico. The administration knows what the problem is, they know how to solve it, but they aren't interested in the political price that would be paid for getting the job done.
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