Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Worst Design of All Time: Modern Carseats

If you have never tried to lug a car seat from a far flung parking space into a restaurant you will think that I suffer from hyperbolitis (inflammation of hyperbole) when I state that Car Seats Are An ABOMINATION.

They offend me many ways. Let me count them here:
  1. Car seats force horrendous biomechanics in the people who carry them thus creating back problems
  2. Car seats weigh way too much. Certainly, if we can send a light, sturdy projectile into space, we can send a light, sturdy seat into a car. My husband's softball bat is made of space-age material and weighs less than the bat I used in T-ball at the age of 6. Can some of this technology be sent towards car seats please?
  3. Car seats can't be that safe. My baby's head has outgrown the little cushy head thingy but still needs support. I use a rolled up blanket. That just creates one more thing to carry. He will still suffer whiplash in a car crash. Exactly what injuries are we trying to avoid besides being a launched sack of tators if he was held in my arms?
  4. Car seats are ugly. They are cutesy. There are no color choices. They aren't sleek or in any way aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Car seats are uncomfortable. Harnessed in like a teenager on a rollercoaster, if the straps hit the wrong place (and they always do) they will lop off the kids head like a watermelon upon side impact. In addition car seats are hardly cushioned and the material ranges from rough and rugged to boil-you-butt vinyl.
  6. Car seats can't be kept clean. There are way too many cracks and crevices to drop crumbs into.
  7. Car seats have crappy mechanisms. The latches are difficult. The way to secure them into cars is difficult. How about a universal joint that you can just attach the seat too? Why don't car companies make a car seat as an accessory and design them to match the vehicle? They design watches and luggage to go with the car, how about a useful fashion statement?

Car seats just may be the bane of this mother's experience. So many other baby things have improved but car seats remain, stubbornly, irritatingly horrible.

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