Friday, August 05, 2005

Hubby Tribute

I would like to publicly thank the man who helps to make many of my choices possible: no not George Bush, silly. My husband!

This month marks 14 years married.

It is a trick of memory, I think, that I can't remember when we weren't married while it seems like yesterday that I saw him standing in the magazine isle of the grocery store with a mutual friend. He says he knew right then. How? I wonder. He's crazy that's how.

Time passes, even those really slow, miserable times pass. Then you begin asking: Where in the world did these kids come from? Holy crap! College is only 10 years away and we haven't scratched the surface of our college loans. Help me Jesus!

I'm glad to have him. He began as a friend and remains one. We enjoy vacations together. We work in the same field and share professional accomplishments. He's a great dad. He's loyal. He's committed. He works hard. He's funny. (He says I'm the only human in the world who thinks he's funny, which may be true.) He thinks I'm funny too and I am quite possibly the most un-funny person in the world.

So there you go, our pathology meshes well. Maybe that's the definition of a good marriage. And we love each other anyway.

So happy 14th!
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